Hi, everyone! I am an avid cloth diapering mother of two. I am interested in (and good at) a lot of other things as well, but that is not important to this site. What is important is that all new parents receive complete, accurate, and easy-to-understand information about cloth diapering.

This web site is directed at parents who are trying to learn more about cloth diapering. It is not intended to convince you to use cloth diapers if you’re already sure you don’t want to, nor is it intended to make a statement about the quality of anyone’s parenting. If you’re keeping your baby fed and warm and dry and preventing it from sticking a fork in a light socket, then you’re doing great as far as I’m concerned.

There are lots of reasons to use cloth. Compared with disposables, cloth diapers are cheaper, better for the environment, easier on babies’ skin, cuter, more fun, and not nearly as much work as you’ve probably been led to believe. If any of this interests you, by all means, read on! Just click on the links under “Categories” on the right.


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