Potty Training

A lot of babies go straight from diapers to underwear with no middle step. However, some toddlers do need training pants….

At the time of this writing, my older child is daytime potty trained. At night, she wears Toddler-ease diapers with extra-large Dappi nylon pull-on pants. This system is bulky and takes a long time to dry, but it’s quite absorbent, never leaks, and she can pull it up and down by herself.

We had no idea what we were doing while potty training, so you probably don’t want to emulate our process, but here it goes. Our child had been home with Mommy or Grandma all summer and had gotten the hang of using the potty if she was bare-bottomed, but was nowhere near being able to handle underwear. Then she started daycare part-day, five days a week. I didn’t want the daycare to have to deal with a separate diaper and cover system, and they had a rule that training pants had to open at the sides for easy changing. I reasoned that side-snapping pockets or all-in-ones would fit the bill. Unfortunately, pocket diapers with cotton liners are expensive and hard to find, and internal soaker all-in-ones take a very long time to dry. My mother helped me find and pay for some of the pockets, but the snaps kept coming unsnapped and they were too trim to hold the amount of stuffing I wanted.

Fortunately, it only took about three weeks of being around other kids who were using the potty for ours to get the hang of it and start wearing underwear. So we only had to wing it for a short time. With our second child, I will either go with Mother-ease all-in-ones and just put up with the long drying time, or I will try the new Starbunz Super Undies I have seen advertised. Again, this was pretty much all for the daycare’s benefit, but they were very helpful in training her, so I don’t mind indulging them!


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